Research on IF Launched

Manawanui InCharge launched major research on Individualised Funding at Te Papa in Wellington on Thursday 27th August. The research shows very clearly that giving people more control over their government funding brings greater benefits for everyone.

The two pieces of research (quantitative and qualitative) focused on people who receive funding from the Ministry of Health’s Disability Support Services under a scheme called Individualised Funding. People who get this type of funding have more control and choice over when, where, how and who provides their disability support services. “Individualised Funding has been operating in New Zealand for ten years,” says Marsha Marshall, CEO of Manawanui InCharge who commissioned the research. “This research is a first step in understanding more about the impacts of disabled people having control over their government funded support and will hopefully contribute to the ongoing development of self-directed approaches to funding.” “This is the first research of its kind in New Zealand and provides valuable information that supports the recent Productivity Commission report recommendations for More Effective Social Services.”

Further information can be found here: Media Release.