Disability Connect Making a Difference

Hi, I am Lalita. I have a 17 year old son with Downs Syndrome. Viraj got his residency a year ago and the process for his benefits application started. 
I had no clue how to go about it and was struggling to get information. I went to WINZ, they got his benefit organized. However, I was still having difficulties with the carer support, home-care, respite….. I had no idea what to do next.
That’s when I started talking to Gabi Zundorf. I knew Gabi because I was one of the caregivers for her son Joshua. Gabi was the right person I chose to speak to. Gabi was engaged as Information Advisor at Disability Connect and she was happy to give me all the information I needed. Not only that, she got me to subscribe to the mailing list of Disability Connect and then I started receiving invitations to various seminars, workshops organized by them. I attended a number of those (that I thought I needed to attend) and they were very informative and interesting. 
I also got to meet other members of the organization who answered my personal queries or directed me to the right people. I got to meet other parents like me, trying to get help fot their young person. We came together and formed a support group which has gone a long way to bring some relief to us.
It was the best thing that could happen to my son Viraj, that Gabi supported us at the right time and helped with smooth running of his life. She informed me about Taikura Trust’s needs assessment procedure, Viraj now has IF (also known to us only due to Gabi), home care support, respite care and carer support.
So, once again, thank you Gabi and Disability Connect.