Anne - ILS Auckland

The beauty of synchronicity. 

On Saturday 8th August 2015, Anne phoned the ILS Royal Oak store just prior to closing time enquiring about the availability of a petite lift chair. She spoke with Julianne who confirmed one was available. Anne was keen to collect the chair that day, as her Mum was returning from hospital and the lift chair would be a welcome relief for a comfortable sleep.   Julianne and Anne discussed the options for pick-up. Julianne was happy to wait behind after closing and Anne made a hasty phone call to her son to call in to the Royal Oak Store with a trailer to collect the chair, within the hour.  The petite lift chair was duly collected and loaded into the 4-Wheel Drive vehicle and driven to its new home with Nana. 

On Tuesday 11th August, 2015, Anne came into the ILS Royal Oak store with a beautiful Peace Lily plant as a thank you to Julianne.